A definition (Latin for “demarcation”) is a way of defining the meaning of a term. Within the framework of communication between people, it helps to define a name and thus clarify what a particular statement means.

A definition can refer to all kinds of terms and facilitates communication between individuals in everyday life, but also in the technical language of a certain profession or science. The use of the definition of an expression can also be helpful when learning foreign languages. Here it makes it possible to cross language barriers without requiring a translation.

Problems can then be decided when conversational partners use different definitions of the same term. In this case, it has to be decided by means of linguistic clarifications which of the two definitions is the authoritative one. In principle, however, it can be assumed that persons living in the same cultural area under similar conditions will also use the same definition of a term. For this reason, it is only necessary to define a definition if it is foreseeable that misunderstandings about the meaning of a term may arise or if they have already arisen.

The definition and its meaning is especially relevant in philosophy, but also in other sciences. In philosophy, it helps to order and classify concepts and objects within the framework of logic.